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Ashley Doty - Front Desk Coordinator - 

  • My family and friends are my life. They make me a better person, and make me want to be even better. In January of 2014 my boyfriend, Cory and I welcomed our little boy into the world, Bentley. We also have two dogs, Tyson and Mike, they are just as much our children as Bentley. The boys are spoiled and they know it.
  • I love hanging out, just relaxing, shopping, traveling when we can, and cooking when I have time. I really enjoy to cook, I'm always searching for new recipes to try, and even though I'm a picky eater. I can't function without coffee!
  • I attend Missouri State, and will be graduating with my bachelor degree in social work next spring. I hope to work with children with my degree, I'm leaning towards adoption right now, but there's so much you can do in social it's incredibly hard to pick just one thing.
  • I'm new to salon life, but I have fallen in love with this salon! I love watching the transformation that happens when clients come in. The girls have welcomed me with open arms, I'm grateful that I can call them friends, not just co-workers
  • Secrets: I'm ridiculously proud that I can drive a standard, I want a motorcycle. I listen to country music most of the time, I prefer to live out in the country.

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