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Nadya Postevka - Front Desk Coordinator - 

  • I'm Ukrainian and Romanian. (Born in Ukraine) I moved to Missouri from Portland Oregon, I love this small little town. I have two boys, Jason (named after jason statham because... Come on! He's 3.) And Kevin, who is 2 and extremely wild and rowdy. Idk who he takes after! They are precious and my biggest accomplishment and joy.
  • I would give up food for coffee. Love it so much so that I am cutting down because it was starting to have health concerns. (I still drink more than I should) in my free time (when I have it) I enjoy finding new places to explore like trails and rivers, finding new adorably cute cafes and wasting money lol I LOVE spending time with David too (the cute guy in the picture) he's my best friend.
  • I love working at Salon Truth. I've never had a job like this and honestly it feels more like play than work but only because everyone is so great (not because I don't work, I'm a very reliable receptionist lol) I love watching people come in and leave happy and feeling great with the service they got. The stylists are all really great, trust me I know, I sit and stare at them work all day!

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